A Solid Foundation

Montrose County Community! Let’s come together to build a solid foundation of education for our kids.

Vote Neisha Balleck for Montrose County School Board

My Goals for Our School District

Allow Our Students to Thrive Academically

Effectively Communicate with Parents

Help Our Educators Feel Supported

What do we want for our children’s education in Montrose County?

I am Neisha Balleck for District A. I grew up on the Western Slope in Craig, CO and went to school to pursue my nursing career in the Denver Metro area for about 18 years. My husband, three children and I moved back to the Western Slope to Montrose about 4 years ago. I feel fully a part of this amazing community and want it to be the very best place to live, which includes focusing on quality education. I am action and solution driven, so you can be confident that our childrens’ success is my main focus.

I want to build a solid foundation for our students. Our children’s success is our future. This is why we need to make sure our school board is focused on the right issues. I will work hard and honestly to ensure our students are flourishing, teachers are well supported to deliver a high quality education, and that parents have clear and concise communication from the school board. Our students are counting on us to bring them the best and that is what I plan to do. Let’s come together, Montrose County Community, to see this happen! I am asking for your vote.

Do we want students who are thriving and safe?

The entire point of an education system is to educate. Students need to have the opportunities to thrive academically by providing them with safe environments and quality education. As it stands, Colorado Measure of Academic Success (CMAS) scores are concerning in our district. While seated on the board, I will focus on identifying obstacles keeping our students from academic success, then support solutions and put them into action. Having a strong foundation in Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic needs to be a top priority. When children have a solid foundation in education they will finish well in any area of life. In addition, I believe they should be learning how to think, not what to think, while in school.

Do we want clear communication with parents?

Children spend most of their days in school throughout the year. Parents need clear and concise communication, as well as consistent transparency with the board, about all that is happening in our district regarding curriculum and student progress. When parents have a clear understanding of these areas, they can make the best decisions for their children and provide crucial feedback to our educators.

With this feedback comes the follow-up, which is essential for community connection and student success. I plan to develop a way to take each parent’s or citizen’s concern and respond to them immediately after their concern has been raised, as well as providing additional follow-up in the future.

Do we want our teachers to feel valued and supported?

The most effective way to ensure a solid foundation in education for our children is to meet the needs of our educators. Teachers work hard and deserve to feel appreciated, valued, and heard, as well as have access to the resources they need. This includes a review of the delegation of financial resources in the district, as well as an interview with each teacher and support staff to ensure they are supported and able to effectively serve our students. This will help to determine what actions to take to improve their jobs.

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